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You can make a difference

Support Ukraine

You can donate to big charities and non-profit organizations or you can help someone directly, you can know their name.

I, like millions of other Ukrainians across the globe, have friends and family in the country that is currently facing one of the most violent war conflicts in history. Since February 24, 2022 my mission is to spread the word about the real events in Ukraine and help as many local volunteers and fighters as possible.

Julia Tulupova


$5 is somebody's food for a week in Ukraine. 
Please consider donating $5 to real people who are fighting every day for democracy and freedom, for basic human rights. Every donation is being transferred directly to Ukraine, reports available upon request. Below please find photos of local volunteers and their work in Kharkiv.

All funds are used for essential supplies for elderly civilians and kids in war zones and for military needs support. 

Local volunteers

On the photos here are my dear friends with soldiers and civilians of Kharkiv they help daily. You can find more photo reports on their Facebook pages:
Oleg Kostenko
Viktor Milovanov
Kostyantyn Pobihailo


Latest News and Reports


Thank to your birthday donations, we were able to help buy camp netting for soldiers defending Kharkiv region. As the weather and seasonal colors are rapidly changing to fall, this is one of the top current necessities on the frontlines.

Photo credit: Oleg Kostenko


We are currently focusing our efforts on raising funds to purchase thermal imaging cameras, heaters, drones and medical supplies. 

Support directly

Oleg Kostenko



Viktor Milovanov


Kostyantyn Pobihailo, Daria Tolokonina


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